RAKSSQL Sales 2012.3.16.941 for Windows 10


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A complete and integrated system to a wide range of sales and service companies stock in trade, service and manufacturing. It allows you to automate manual processes, sales, procurement, storage, payments and settlements with contractors. The program works with fiscal devices, barcode readers, data collectors, and other external devices. The possibility of full exchange of data and automatically work together with other system modules such as accounting or RAKSSQL shop internetowym.Kluczowe possibilities: · easy to display and manage receipts, invoices, VAT, WDT, WNT, and export-financing invoices in any currency · Support retail and wholesale · create multiple lists, define any number of groups discount, processing payments (cash, bank) and manage multiple magazynów.Cechą particular system is to use a free database server, which can work not only on Microsoft Windows, but also Linux as significantly reduces the cost of implementation and eksploatacji.Punkt Service SprzedażyDedykowane solution for shops and retail chains, in which time the customer service (sales) is a key issue. Easy to use, simple and clear navigation, cooperation with fiscal devices, barcode readers, touch screens - these are just some of the advantages programu.Pełny image firmyDzięki a wide range of ready-made combinations and the ability to create their own reports, the program allows you to get a complete picture of the activities of zagranicąSystem has handlowej.Współpraca All documents such as WNT, WDT, export invoices, purchase invoice currency, TAX-FREE, SAD, and the ability to carry cash in the currency. With the option of additional costs to the document WNT easy to compute the cost of the subsequent sale of such goods to the invoice can include the cost of transport and unloading (it is not necessary to create additional settlement to the document, the cost will add to the final price). RAKSSQL offers great opportunities for companies that work with customers or suppliers, contractors outside kraju.Ponadto system allows the issuance and settlement documents in currencies obcych.Zarządzanie Sales and CRMPełna integration of the sales and CRM user opens a lot of possibilities. In addition to planning visits to the contractors, whether such options to the management of the service away to, keep all contact information in a meaningful way makes it easy to manage your sales process. The system provides access to information, is the probability of successful completion of the transaction enabling the analysis of sales by sales channel, the type of merchant, the analysis of the specific client. Thanks to Sales Management on a regular basis you can track the probability of making plans and accurately predict the performance of revenue. The system also has a module bidding, which is closely linked with opportunities zewnętrznymiModuł sprzedaży.Współpraca with devices compatible with fiscal devices, barcode scanners, and other devices. The possibility of full data exchange allows you to interact with the module accounting, control and store internetowym.Panel kontrahentamiDzięki combination of sales and CRM was created panel that feels most comfortable with you. From the partner you have full access to information relating to the client, including can access and view the history of purchases and sales, operations with the contractor, receivables and financial liabilities, contracts and tenders, contact details. In this way we get the information center of the view window kontrahenta.System znacznikówAplikacja has the ability to mark documents, and on them the position. Thanks to the tags you can sort, filter, and creating a report by any user-defined parameters. In addition, by using a fully-defined patterns accounting system offers a flexible and automated accounting designated by the document, such as an invoice one item is intended for own account and is recorded in cost, the other consists of a warehouse for subsequent resale. The tags are available in all windows systemu.System załącznikówW program is the ability to attach electronic documents. This function allows you to create a knowledge base available to the users of the system and assigned to specific buyers and dokumentów.Rozwiązanie it eliminates the problem of imperfect flow of documents and information in the enterprise. Now it is possible for example to have on file with clients all the information concerning the cooperation of all signed contracts, photos, designs or other documents. Each article entered into the system can have easily accessible from the window of review documents such as certificates, guarantee a copy of the purchase invoice or techniczną.EDISystem specification has a feature that allows the electronic exchange of documents. Document Exchange (Electronic Data Interchange - EDI) is a technology circulation and exchange of documents in transport, banking, government, manufacturing, trade, services, directly between applications partners. EDI systems are central to the global electronics market, are faster, cheaper and more accurate electronic exchange of information than in the case of systems based on documents papierowych.Moduł EDI allows you to receive and send sales documents and contracts to independent operators, such as large retail chains or hipermarketów.Korzyści flowing from the application of EDI module in the company: · reduce costs, eliminate errors · · streamlining business procedures, accelerate the flow of payments · · shorten order fulfillment · inventory optimization.